Caterham 7 Build Manual Illustrations

We’ve just finished illustrating the Caterham 7 step-by-step build manual.

This is the first time Caterham have commissioned such an ambitious project, and they believe it will revolutionise the ease with which the Seven can be constructed from both their own perspective, and that of their customers who have purchased the Self Assembly Kit version. 
From the perspective of Kayak Illustration (part of Kayak Design), it has been an intense, year long project (on and off), which has been both exciting and groundbreaking. The daunting process of “where to begin” was addressed with various visits to the factory to collect the information in the form of photographing and sketching the build process as it happened, working alongside the build technicians on the shop floor.
The step-by-step build manual covers 3 different engines, with an excess of 300 exploded illustrations, all showing easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
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Below are a few examples to whet the appetite.

Caterham Seven Sigma Engine Installation

Caterham Seven Exhaust Manifold Installation

Caterham Seven Oil Cooler Installation

Caterham Seven Expansion Bottle Installation

Caterham Seven Trim Installation

Caterham Seven Live Axle Assembly

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